About Rebecca

Rebecca Torosian is an Intimacy Behavioral Therapist offering a talk/touch form of sex therapy that is a blend of cognitive talk therapy and guided touch exercises. 

As a hope-filled and non-judgmental therapist, Rebecca opens the way for her patients to access the inner resources needed to replace their anxiety and shame with serenity and dignity. Through proven healing methods, she helps her patients replace fear and anxious response, with newfound ease and confidence when giving and receiving touch. Her practice is rooted in the conviction that every person possesses the innate capacity to heal and restore an integrated mind body experience.

Spanning several decades, Rebecca has effectively assisted hundreds of men and women in overcoming a wide range of issues including; social/sexual shyness and inexperience, performance anxiety, porn addiction, loss of desire, trauma related disorders, and male functioning issues of premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction. Her therapy addresses the root cause of these conditions – many of those she has treated speak of having experienced profound transformation.

Rebecca maintains a private practice in Manhattan, NYC.


Professional training and work experience:

Guided by her expertise, intuitive awareness and compassion, Rebecca developed her Intimacy Behavioral Therapy™ Program, the only one of its kind, out of her clinical training and vocation as a certified surrogate partner therapist, massage & energy medicine therapist, professional dancer, dance/movement instructor/ performance artist and behavioral actor/trainer (details below):

  • Rebecca received her clinical training and certification during her four years working  as a surrogate partner therapist at the Center for Sexual Recovery in New York City, the only clinic (at that time) in the United States specializing in the training and employment of surrogate partner therapists – helping people overcome their intimacy issues. There, Rebecca learned the art and science of what would become the foundation for Intimacy Behavioral Therapy.
  • As a certified massage and energy medicine therapist, Rebecca worked for five years in several of New York City’s upscale salons, where she acquired in depth knowledge of and experience with the healing power of breath and touch.
  • From her background as a professional dancer, dance instructor and performance artist, Rebecca draws from and integrates positive body awareness, ease of movement skills, and creative process into her therapy practice.
  • Contributing to her IBT practice are the interactive/interpersonal skills learned from twelve years of working part-time as a professional actor trainer specializing in creating and performing live role play scenario behavioral training modules for all levels of  the New York Police Department & other large public institution’s personnel in their quest to help our mentally ill population. As part of an elite team comprised of actor/trainers,  John Jay Criminal College clinicians, and (police) trainers, Rebecca demonstrated how to create positive conflict resolution engagement and outcome.