How I Work

I provide Intimacy Behavioral Therapy® designed to help men and women overcome a range of sexual issues, from social/sexual shyness and inexperience to erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and trauma related disorders. Through proven methods and techniques, such as mindfulness training, exposure therapy, sensation focus touch therapy and psycho-dynamic interaction/integration, I aide my patients in overcoming the issues that prohibit them from leading full sexual lives, and guide them in discovering the joy of being more at home in their bodies.

I offer a twelve-week/sixteen week intimacy behavioral/surrogate partner program that is the main focus of my practice. I work one-on-one (in person) or as part of a co-therapy team, in conjunction with a therapist or doctor. Central to this method of healing, is my focus on helping people recognize when they are in their heads, and then guiding them into their bodies. To achieve this, I teach both a deepened breath practice, and sensation focused (giving and receiving) touch exercises, that enables them to experience (actual) physical sensation. Through engaging these foundational tools, default anxious responses emerge, and are gradually replaced with newfound ease.

Establishing trust and rapport through an in-depth talk intake is the first step of the program. Subsequent sessions have both talk and touch components: Gauging the appropriate pace based on each patient’s capacity, I adapt my program to meet their needs. Science now supports that wired in human behavior (fight/flight) can be replaced within three/four months with new behavior. By the 9th session, virtually all my patients know how much they’ve absorbed, and can begin to visualize how they adapt their new skills in their day to day lives.