Intimacy Behavioral Therapy/Surrogate Partner Program

Intimacy Behavioral Therapy/Surrogate Partner Program

This is therapeutic coaching program for men and women designed to help them overcome many issues including and ranging from social/sexual shyness, anxiety and inexperience, to premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.


This is a holistic program: We begin with establishing rapport and direct communication, which lessens anxiety and creates the the opportunity for you to naturally integrate the skills learned throughout this process into your life. We focus on achieving results in a graduated process that I like to call “a marriage between the clinical and the intimate.” As a surrogate partner therapist, I use a variety of skills simultaneously to be most effective, including; teaching new behavior through practical application, coaching, educating and engaging my intuitive response.


The first step is to email me to set up a free 15 minute to half hour phone consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for this specialized therapeutic treatment. Anonymity and confidentiality are the cornerstones of this unique therapeutic model.


After we agree to work together, I offer twelve (or sixteen) one hour (in person) weekly sessions. If, after this point, it is determined that we need more time to accomplish your goals, we continue as needed. For those traveling to NYC, I customize the program to meet your specific needs and time frame. That said, shortened versions can have limited long term effect since this is about helping you to change/let go of old behavior in favor of learning and applying new behavior. It takes the time it takes for the body to fully absorb, process, retain and apply a new way of being.

In the first four sessions you will learn foundational body awareness exercises to establish a solid understanding of breathing, relaxation and touch techniques that will be utilized throughout our process as new skills are taught and practiced in a safe environment. The overall goal is for you to overcome your challenges using these new found skills with confidence, and the ability to directly apply them to your intimate life.


The cost of the 12 week  program is $2400 with a  payment plan of $800 (cash) paid at the first, fifth and ninth session. In addition I offer a one time (in-person) talk consultation for $150 for those who feel they need it before considering taking the “leap of faith” of entering into the full program. It is a stand alone session which will not be applied to the 12 week program.

Note: The remainder of any individual sessions (purchased as a group of four) must be utilized within two months from the day of payment. There are no refunds.

To schedule please contact Rebecca directly at

*There is a 24 hour cancellation fee of $100 for all scheduled appointments.