Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy

I had the great fortune this morning to be interviewed by Jenny McCarthy on her radio show “Dirty, Sexy, Funny” on Sirius XM. She was fascinated by the work that I do, having not heard about it before – much like the rest of the world. This is precisely why I agreed to be a guest on her show – so that more people will know there is help in the form of intimacy behavioral therapy that includes surrogate partner therapy and a whole lot more.

Jenny is sweet, direct and unpretentious – referring to her own experiences of being with men that had sexual problems and having no idea what to do. She asked me if it’s possible for these issues to be more than just physical. The answer is a resounding YES! Even if there are “plumbing issues,” many people have internalized their problem as proof of their defectiveness and their confidence and self esteem are beaten down. My work is to help restore this by teaching basic body awareness/communication skills and help them to integrate these into their lives.

      Dirty Sexy Funny