Touch starved and disconnected – let’s begin again anew

The reality is that we live in a time when we are exposed and asked to integrate more information than ever in collective human history. I encounter the consequences of this in the behavior of the people who seek my help. Many of them are touch starved and therefore disconnected from the messages their bodies send them. I find that whether it’s from inexperience, shame from physical dysfunction, or the effect of dealing with the increased stress that comes from trying to balance an ever growing demand for our attention, many people are suffering and isolated. The extremely private nature of this experience leaves many believing that they are among the few unable to integrate all this noise. The truth is that it’s all coming at us at an ever increasing rate that is often┬á impossible to assimilate. When this onslaught is combined with the daily stresses of life, many get pulled into the undertow without a life raft. It’s my opinion that we need to all take a deep breath and SLOW down – going IN to explore and discover what is the most harmonious balance for each individual, and putting into practice those actions that move us in the direction of ease and serenity.