Who Knows?

I’ll start by saying I don’t like to speculate on why people do what they do. However, in regards to the recent shooting in California by the 22-year-old virgin, I am chiming in after all. The reason is that I am a surrogate partner therapist treating a number of “late virgins,” and what I offer has helped many of them enter into solid intimate relationships for the first time. This therapeutic model is based on Dr. William Masters and Virginia Johnson’s result-getting techniques, which includes sessions where patients can learn a great deal about the opposite sex, basic sex education and about how they respond to giving and receiving touch. I am aware that he was suffering from other major challenges like mental illness and chronic bullying, so I am not implying that what I do is a panacea by any means. That said, our culture is virtually devoid of this type of helpful process, and I would have liked this young man to have had the opportunity to be in safe and professional place where he was accepted and taught valuable lessons – potentially enabling him to find a less violent way to express his outrage over rejection. Who knows? I certainly don’t, but I propose that if our society had viable venues for those suffering in this way, perhaps the outcome would have been different.