Intimacy Workshops for Women

Workshop Description:

Intimacy Workshop for Women (Introductory Session: 2 hours/$100): Upper West Side location

Would you like to know more about what makes your partner tick, and for the two of you to experience more intimacy, pleasure, satisfaction and freedom? Would you like to learn how to communicate your thoughts, feelings and desires to the person you love without the fear of rejection or of hurting them? Together with other women in a safe and nurturing environment, Rebecca Torosian, an intimacy expert with extensive experience helping men overcome sexual dysfunction, will address your questions and concerns about intimacy-related issues. Through this workshop, you will learn about specific emotional and physical blocks common to men and gain the communications skills and (non-sexual) techniques that will help you both have your needs and desires fulfilled.

Rebecca also offers an intensive workshop over a two consecutive week period (two hours each session) that details more of her experiences, teaches advanced skills and offers more personalized attention.

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