I first contacted Rebecca because of relationship struggles. Not only did she help tremendously with those, she did so much more. Rebecca reinvigorated my sexual relationship with myself, my body and my wife. She is a warm and caring listener who is easy to open up to honestly, which enabled me to dig down into thoughts and feelings I had never before expressed. Rebecca’s advice was always educated, helpful, experienced and thoughtful: She has unique skills to understand people and help them in extremely positive ways. Rebecca was never judgmental or critical, and I found her experience with helping people to be invaluable. Our sessions were different from anything else I have ever experienced, and far more beneficial than I ever dreamed possible. I looked forward each week to both our conversations and hands-on therapy. While I felt saddened when they ended, Rebecca equipped me with tools that I continue to use and benefit from. I highly recommend her services to anyone struggling with a wide range of relationship, life, and sexual issues. Rebecca is simply the best.