I came to Rebecca due to my fear and anxiety of intimacy. These feelings had caused me to avoid relationships, despite how much I wanted companionship. I was at a point where I thought I was beyond help.

Rebecca not only helped me to see that wasn’t true, she did it in the kindest and most comforting way. I made progress with her I did not think was possible, and I enjoyed it every step of the way. I felt comfortable with her and had complete trust in her from our very first session together. Her Intimacy Behavioral Therapy program helped me to learn so much about myself and what can be accomplished. Our work together has completely changed my life.

In addition, using the tools learned during our sessions have carried over into other aspects of my life, making me more confident than I’ve ever been. I am not sure I could ever truly repay her for what she has done for me. I could not recommend her more.