It’s a new day!

So, I’m in the process of getting the whole story out there. This means not only my past work as a sex surrogate therapist but also what I do now as an intimacy expert. Since the release of “The Sessions” and the subsequent interest in what is a sex surrogate I’ve been called to action. From October 31st (since “I was a sex surrogate” was published on the cover of I’ve been fielding many interviews, articles and talk/radio. I’m finding what I already knew to be true; very few in this country have ever heard of the unique type of therapy I was trained in delivering. Now, because there is such public arousal 🙂 I am very  happy to be a part of the conversation so that sex surrogate therapy has the opportunity to be more widely known, understood and applied because it gets great results for those who have been recipients.

Of course, what it is up against is our Judea/Christian puritanical belief systems that fear anything that appears to be money for sex. While I was paid for the work, the last thing the men seeking help for sexual functioning issues was to be with a woman who expected them to perform ….that was the point of why they came…they couldn’t! The difference between prostitution and surrogate therapy is simple: One is sought for gratification and the other for help through therapy. This is not rocket science and it works because I taught men the necessary  communications,breath and touch skills to overcome their problems and function on their own successfully outside of the clinic.

Read the article “I was a sex surrogate” if you haven’t already…the link is in the press section of this site 🙂

*Coming up soon: How I apply what I learned and help people now.