Sex surrogate therapy works!

I  realize that what most of my adult life has been about in terms of work in the world is helping people realize that they have the resources they need to build warm and trusting relationships with one another. Working as a sex surrogate therapist opened my eyes to  how powerful the combination of teaching and coaching/guiding can be with all things intimate and sexual. Our culture does not promote sex education in any substantive way and so many among us walk around with misinformation and fear as it relates to discovering what kind of touch we need/like and how to communicate this clearly and with compassion to our partner – among many other issues. In the this void of information lies pornography which does little to help in the real world. What is depicted most of the time is a fantasy version of dominating sexual prowess and often promotes a very negative view of the role of women. While I am not against it, I’m just not for it as a form of sex education.

My dream is that the model of surrogate partner therapy becomes widely known and implemented. I intend to continue to be a voice to this end.